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With any purchase today you also get links to all of the advanced products we suggest for our Coaches to use with Clients


Originally, these were advanced gut protocols revealed only in the Immune Centric Coaches Course.

These were the level 2 advanced protocols for persistent gut issues. (Yes, there is a level 3, and 4 and even 5)

These are extremely powerful. The basic Immunity Code gut reset solves most issues. These are used when persistent long standing issues require additional measures. 


Bifidobacterium species 5536 is a multi-purpose probiotic that aids in a number of gut and gut immune axis relates issues.  It has a powerful modulatory effect on the Immune system


Candida ( + NAC - use with Young Body)

Lung infection, flu symptoms




The 10 Day Gut Reset and Hardcover Bundle

The core knowledge you need in simple 48 hour done for you patterns. Reload the young gut. 


The 10 day gut stack and the way_edited.png



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One of the best kept secrets in gut healh. Prefopro is a bacteriophage, meaning, a virus that targets only bacteria. Specifically Prefopro eliminates ecoli. Often, persistent gut issues are marked by e.coli in the wrong place, and nothing will help until the misplaced e.coli is eliminated. 

The ICFL, 10 Day Gut Reset and The Way Hardcover & Audiobook Bundle

You need accelerated fat loss, and to beat the weight rebound while learning to eat for life. 


P. freudenreichii 

A secret weapon against constipation. Propionic bacteria  freudenreichii is the big gun when persistent constipation issues are not solved by other methods. It seems to consistently work when everything else fails.


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The 10 Day Gut Reset, Hardcover book and Beating The Rebound

If you are at your desired weight, this is for you. Beat the rebound of weight loss, optimize the gut. 


The Immune Centric Coaches Course

For coaches who want to advance their knowledge and skills to an extreme advanced level. 

The course is now self paced and allows you to learn at your own pace. We have weekly coaches meetups online for client related issues and a robust coaches community with several MD's, PhD's, master trainers, and health experts.



HMO's act directly on immune cells and molecular factors.  2’-FL, the HMO present in Young Gut,  has been shown to induce Th1 helper T-cells. It also stimulates Interferon Gamma and Interleukin 10 in the serum. 

  • HMOs act as decoy receptors to prevent pathogens binding to the intestinal wall. 

  • HMOs act on genes, like MMP2 and MMP9,which control tight junction proteins in the gut like occludin and zonula occluden (ZO)-1

  • HMOs directly stimulate the gut mucus layer via MUC2 genes and maintain goblet cells.  

  • HMOs modulate the microbiome by favoring Bifidobacterium which indirectly prevents the colonization of other bacterial strains when we are infants.

  • HMOs iike 2’-FL have been shown to enable the proliferation of Akkermansia muciniphila. 

  •  HMOs may prevent asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis by binding lectin receptors and preventing their activation by allergens 

  • Solnul™’s Low Dose Clinical Study revealed the highest reported increase in Akkermansia levels in a human clinical study with only 3.5 grams supplementation after 4 weeks.  

  • Solnul™decreased diarrhea- and constipation-associated bowel movements.

  • Solnul™ consumption led to reduced Escherichia coli.

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