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"Your fat loss program

worked wonders for me. 
My gut health is better than ever! -  Allira A. 

Queensland, Australia

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The worlds first fat reduction program based on what really happens when fat cells shrink! 

Immune Centric Fat Loss is a 30 day groundbreaking online program.

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Beat The Weight Rebound

Offset the weight regain post fat loss.  The act of physically shrinking fat cells sets off a number of countermeasures that drive weight regain.  Only the ICFL course counters the paradox of fat loss.


Heal and Seal The Gut

An Immune Centric approach to losing body fat once and for all begins not with your fat but in the gut. Load the commensal bacteria that support the lean bodyfat phenotype.

Put Food Intolerances Behind You

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Many have reported the absence of lifelong food intolerances and sensivities ranging from dairy to gluten from taking the ICFL course.



Over 40 lesson modules!

Secrets of meal timing 

Secrets of super charged cardio.

3 Days loading commensal bacteria 

20 Day primary fat loss step through

7 Day offset to the bodies weight regain


Functional recipes


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