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From The Immunity Code Diet: Compulsive Eating and the Synaptic Superhighway


The Immunity Code Diet is a new perspective on the question ‘How should we eat?” The Immunity Code diet expands the domain of eating to include the most vital domains of life - human connection, immunity, sleep, eating, longevity, insulin optimization, cravings, and yes, body fat.

The Immunity Code Diet breaks entirely new ground on a number of fronts to include key aspects of eating that have been ignored. One example is the role of dieting on key sets of neurons in the brain.

The Agouti Problem:

The Immunity Code Diet illuminates the role of POMC neurons and the Agouti complex in the brain, and how these neurons drive compulsive eating patterns.

This article delves into the missing factor in dieting: synaptic amplification, and how it can lead to compulsive eating.

Compulsive Eating - The Missing Factor:

Traditional diets often overlook how eating patterns can rewire the POMC neurons or the Agouti complex. Any eating approach that fails to regulate both is likely to be ineffective for many people.

The Problem of Synaptic Amplification:

A 2023 study by Harvard scientists revealed that cutting calories to lose weight creates "synaptic amplification" of the AgRP neurons. This means the synapses, the gaps in between neurons, increase in number from dieting an cutting calorie to lose weight. The increased in number of synapses in these key neurons increases the drive to eat. The results can be a permanent increase in food cravings and the drive to eat from a single season of dieting and calorie cutting.

Key Idea:

Dieting, cutting calories, excessive fasting, and even processed food, can trigger a synaptic superhighway in the brain. This superhighway can drive out-of-control eating. The increase in neural stimuli amplifies signals that increase the drive to eat.

Essential Diet Truth #1:

New science has confirmed that a single season of losing body fat can create a synaptic superhighway in the brain that increase the drive to eat, sometimes permanently!

The Solution:

The answer to this problem lies in understanding how to use food to reprogram and rewire the brain. The Immunity Code Diet incorporates the Agouti problem and using food to overcome and avoid the problem of synaptic amplification.


The Immunity Code Diet expands the framework for diet far beyond the current diets of this age. New discoveries like synaptic amplification are integrated into a better way to eat. More importantly, for the first time ever, reconnects us to several unavoidable realities that modern era of diets have disconnected from.

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