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Beating The Rebound
  • Beating The Rebound


    The worlds first program to beat the post fat loss weight regain. Beat the weight rebound from GLP-1 drugs, caloric deficits and fat loss programs.


    *** If you have previously purchased The Immune Centric Fat Loss Course you do not need to order the Beating the Rebound Course. It is included as a free upgrade***


    WHAT IT IS: 

    A 10-day program to prevent weight coming of GLP-1 drugs, or once you reach desired weight.


    Anyone who wants to come off GLP-1 agonists or anyone who has reached their desired weight and wants to PREVENT weight regain.



    You do 10 days straight, and repeat it once a month for 4 months.


    Beating the rebound beats the post fat loss adaptions. Coming off GLP-1 drugs, or calorie cutting, key adaptions drive weight regain. Beating The Rebound: 


    • Increases metabolism

    • Increases leptin

    • Decreases ghrelin

    • Naturally stimulate GLP-1 activation

    • Drives anti-inflammatory immune cells

    • Drives positive changes in the extra cellular matrix

    • Aids insulin sensitivity 

    • And much more!

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