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Coaches Course Certification 1 Pay

Coaches Course Certification 1 Pay


The Immune Centric Coaches Course Certification. 20 week program​. 100 hours total. 



Macrophages: Learn to steer macrophage metabolism to reduce inflammation, strengthen immune function and aid fat loss​

The Gut:Optimize the gut mucus layer. Drive tight junctions​Insulin Function:Master glucose transport. Learn to mitigate insulin resistance.​

Adipose Mass: Effective techniques for clearing cortisol from fat mass, ameliorating inflammation, clearing LPS restoring healthy adipose function. Master the ECM and learn techniques for influencing ECM remodeling post fat loss.​Hypoxia and HIF-1: Master HIF biology and clearing or increasing hypoxia tissue by tissue​. And much, much, more...​



How to increase your hourly fee. How to create recurring monthly revenue. How to get coaching clients to come to you. How to create positive outcomes. How to create a winning formula for coaching success. Group coaching strategies

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