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Young Reds
  • Young Reds

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    Young Reds resets the entire red phenol category. Young Reds is the first of its kind, a red phenol blend targeted to support the gut, macrophage populations, energy and reducing inflammation. Every other red phenol product is a shotgun approach of sticking in ingredients without regard to endgame function. Young Reds is built around the most potent sources of C3G, cyanadin 3 glucoside, which is possibly the most potent phenol in the human diet. Young Reds combines different forms of 3CG to target key gut bacteria, macrophage populations, and metabolic parameters. Unlike every other product on the market, Young Reds takes into account critical free radical signaling in its design. Unknown to most consumers, and virtually all supplement manufacterers, too many anti-oxidants wipes out the critical free radicals we need for young circulation. You take Young Reds every other day, which allows room for both needed anti oxidants and free radicals. 

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    Young Reds
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