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Announcing a new kind of anti-aging product based on the absolute cutting edge science of 2022. Young Body brings together 4 ingredients shown to support reversing the aging process. 



The Basics



A series of eyebrow raising studies have recently shown powerful synergies for key ingredients in 

Young Body to powerfully support delay of onset or even reversal of key aspects of aging. Among the highlights

  • NAC with glycine reverses key aspects of aging in humans.

  • Alpha Ketoglutarate maintains stem cell health, delays reproductive senescence, and regulates the epigenome

  • Compounds in white willow bark and aspirin shown to be superior to metformin, resveratrol and others for anti-aging.

Key studies; 

GlyNAC (Glycine and N-Acetylcysteine) Supplementation in Mice Increases Length of Life by Correcting Glutathione Deficiency, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Abnormalities in Mitophagy and Nutrient Sensing, and Genomic Damage. 

Glycine and N-acetylcysteine (GlyNAC) supplementation in older adults improves glutathione deficiency, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction, genotoxicity, muscle strength, and cognition: Results of a pilot clinical trial, 

Intracellular α-ketoglutarate maintains the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells.

Aspirin Recapitulates Features of Caloric Restriction

Aspirin extends the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans via AMPK and DAF-16/FOXO in dietary restriction pathway


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